こんにちは。Vegan caffe Nanaオーナーの、河内奈奈です。

Vevan caffe Nanaのホームページをご覧くださいまして、ありがとうございます。



1973 大阪府出身

1991 ホテル日航大阪入社

2001 ヨガインストラクター

2014 「Vegan caffe Nana」オープン


現在は「Vevan caffe Nana」と「YOGA 」を両立しています。YOGAでは、「YOGA7」代表で、6人のお弟子さんと、200名以上の生徒さんがいます。

















本当に美味しい! を、お届けいたします。


Hello.I'm cafe owner Kawachi Nana.

Thank you for seeing the Vegan caffe Nana website.


First of all,I'll introduce myself.


1973  born in Osaka Prefecture

1991  worked Hotel Nikko Osaka

2001  Yoga Instructor

2014  「Vevan caffe Nana」open


Currently 「Vegan caffe Nana]and「Yoga」are compatible.

In yoga,「YOGA7」representative, there are six disciples and over 200 students.

I love cooking and making sweets, and at work I was doing something related to cooking, such as sushi shop, bakery  Japanese confectionary factory.

After acquiring the cooker license, I also have the experience of working as a chef for craftsmen who build AEON.

By meeting with yoga, I was interested in tha quality of food,

 I gained the qualifications of macrobiotics, qualifications for dietary education,and  qualifications for festenings.

 The dream of a cafe management came true.

For my next stage. I'll make you handmade delicious sweets,sauces, mayonnaise, and sell them online store. 

I hove confidence with ourfood.

If you have allergies to eggsor milk, you can eat them, it is vegan. 

The body is made from what you ate, I am stuck with sugar and oil.

Good material .

Really delicious!

Will be delivered.

THank you.